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Haint Blue

by Haint Blue

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Yellow Door 03:20
yellow door, flee came on too quickly why can't we ever let things be my ego is alive, destroying everything i see but me if i lose control do i lose everything? why can't we ever let things be what's keeping me alive has made a cell out of this body fear, fear; what's keeping me alive
Wanderer 04:52
she lived her life a worthless wanderer sinking deeper into hollowness that swallowed her wanting love but only ever was a lover she laid you down in a bed that was too small for you both she was nothing in your eyes, nothing lost and dying, desperate to be you would wipe away her tears tell her love's the part of her that disappeared said you'd bleed for her you would die for her, if only she would give you what you deserved find her place behind your tender words while you, yourself had fallen out of reach as if every whispered truth was somewhere beyond speaking and as you took her to her bed you said turn out the light you didn't wish to see the trust in her eyes and as you took her she cried out a desperate, keening wail it ripped up all the barest walls you'd built for yourself and you could see inside and out of your darkness came redemption a home for her that she made out of you and from her embrace you found a starting place a life made entirely new
Baker 04:17
honey, won't you take me down to baker, west virginia in the appalachian mountains where the lost river flows to a little shack on top of a hill come on, i'll ride with ya but only if you take me down to baker, west virginia in the morning we can wake up before the crack of dawn grab our reels and waders and head out to the pond throw bacon on the griddle and whiskey in our joe we'll cast a line on country time, ain't got nowhere to go afternoon came faster than an eastbound coal train we saddled up the mules and got them ready for the day then we took them up death mountain through a rocky winding trail if we ain't back till sunrise tell mom we lost our way when evening comes around we'll head out to the bog fry up all the catfish and sing with the bullfrogs young michael grabs his bango and billy grabs his spoons we'll stomp our feet and clap our hands and sing a country tune twilight came about the time the moon was strong and bright we heard an angry old voice, grizzled, gravelled, through the night it was the ghost of old man jenkins, had awoken from the dead we gave him chew and moonshine, sent him off to find his head
Novena 05:28
you said all of this would change you said i'd fix this if i prayed for nine days well i prayed on bony knees at half past one i begged for you to listen, protect your wayward son i was your son all i've learned from you is fear here a love unquestioned is a love that isn't real and when i asked that i could feel i didn't mean to feel the world take you from me and everything destroy my peace till i had died despite your absence i remain alive, i've stitched me up, i've taken back the things i gave away he said i should write this song the words, they gained new meaning were in me all along 'cause what i've learned it to be here now a life unquestioned is a life that shouldn't count and when i finally let you be i didn't know how much the world could mean to me and all the ways that i'd find peace when our love died i will not hide, i will not lie


released August 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Haint Blue Baltimore, Maryland

The lyrics tell stories of struggles with faith, family, addiction, and the achievement of moving forward. Like the color, their music is easy to appreciate because of how cheery it appears but remains engaging because of what lies beneath the surface. This multifaceted structure to their music makes Haint Blue not just a successful folk band but a welcome addition to the scene as a whole. ... more

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